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Company Profile

TEMAK is the company that leads the Greek market in its field water treatment and fluid network equipment (steam, liquid, gases) with continuous presence since 1972.

It has facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki and employs a total of over 50 people, mostly university graduates.

From then until today it has created a tradition like the company it gives solutions to water problems in Industry, in Hotels, in Hospitals, in Municipalities, in District heating and Domestic applications.

Special applications that require water of excellent quality (Hospitals, chemical laboratories, high pressure boilers etc) have also been addressed successfully over the years.

The techniques applied individually or in combination with each other, include ion exchange (e.g. softening, deionization, decalcification – degassing), filtration, sterilization, reverse osmosis and water treatment
with chemical additives.

In the field of reverse osmosis, TEMAK as a manufacturer (OEM) studies, designs, manufactures, installs and supports integrated systems. These systems include brine and seawater reverse osmosis as well as appropriate pre-treatment and post-treatment for all species applications (e.g. drinking, industrial, etc. water).

TEMAK also specializes in the equipment of various fluid networks (steam, liquids, gases), studying the applications and supplying it market with valves, valves and automations to regulate the flow, of pressure, temperature or other parameters.

This equipment includes valves of all types (Globe, Butterfly, Gate, Ball etc) manual or automatic (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic), safety valves, valves for water supply, drainage, esp accessories and instruments for steam networks (steam traps, pressure reducers, vapor barriers and heat exchangers (plate or plate/shell).

With thousands of satisfied customers both in Greece and abroad, with a well-organized technical support department in Athens and Thessaloniki, TEMAK provides strong testimony of its reliability her prominent position.

The company’s engineers (chemists and mechanical engineers) study all of them possible solutions to each application so that it eventually emerges and apply the optimal technical and economic solution.

TEMAK applies a quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2015, health and safety management system in work according to the ELOT 1801:2008 standard and environmental system management according to the ISO14001:2015 standard for the study, the design, development, production, storage, sale, the installation and support of water treatment systems, chemicals products and industrial equipment.

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